€100 discount for zirconium crown

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€100 discount for zirconium crown.
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A zirconium ceramic crown has exceptional features. It is made from zirconium oxide and a bronze ceramic prosthesis, and is coated with layer of porcelain.




  • Conductive to light, natural-looking, aesthetic – and there is no grey band at the edge of the gum, as in the case of prosthetics with metal ceramics
  • It looks natural, because it is manufactured by computer programming and precise, error-free milling – the best method in dentistry at the moment
  • Extremely durable, it can be used for the repair of lateral, front, individual and tooth row defects
  • Non-allergenic, because it has no metal and the zirconium oxide is accepted by the body as a natural substance
  • There is no metallic taste in the mouth, as with prosthetics with metal ceramics
  • It doesn’t cause gum inflammation
  • The tooth tissue is less vulnerable than with prosthetics with metal ceramics.




  • Bigger price compared to metal ceramic or non-metal ceramic crowns.


A single tooth prosthesis with a zirconium crown is normally made within 10 days of the first dental consultation.

The duration of the procedure is up to 1 hour.


Dentist Ieva Vileikienė at the Sandyford Healthcare Clinic performs dental prosthesis services.


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