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Professional oral hygiene is a procedure that removes plaque, tartar, stains and recesses from teeth. The dentist will polish your teeth using special dental instruments. If necessary, mineral therapeutic substances are applied.



“Studies have shown that inflammation of the gum can be a cause of diabetes and heart disease. The effect of oral hygiene on human well-being and health is huge and not only aesthetic.”


Dentist Ieva Vileikiene


Patient pictures after treatment. Ieva Vileikiene’s oral hygiene:

before dental hygiene treatment
after dental hygiene treatment

During the visit, you will have the following services:


  • soft plaque removed using rubber disks and brushes and a special paste
  • tartar removed using ultrasound apparatus and hand tools
  • after tartar removal, the surface of rough teeth is polished
  • pigmented plaque caused by smoking, coffee, tea, dyed food and drink is eliminated by an Air Flow system, where high-speed soda, air and water are applied to the surface of the teeth, cleaning even very hard-to-reach places
  • if there are aesthetically restored teeth, these are polished, refreshing the surface gloss
  • recesses of the teeth are washed with disinfectant
  • hanging filling edges are polished
  • sensitive teeth are anesthetized with fluoride preparations
  • the patient is introduced to his or her personal oral care plan
  • dental consultation is provided

Why do you need primary oral hygiene?


  • you will notice the caries and other dental diseases on time, preventing their development
  • to reduce bleeding and swelling of the gums
  • you will get a sense of comfort – and fresh breath
  • your teeth will become clean and smooth and regain their natural colour

What is the duration of the procedure?


  • 30mins (for children) to one hour

How often should oral hygiene be done?


  • 1-2 times a year, depending on the person’s oral hygiene quality
  • for patients with periodontal diseases or wearing braces: every 3 months

Who for?


  • adults and children (Air Flow is used for children aged 12 years or more)


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