urologo nuotrauka

Dr. Alvydas Vezelis


Dr. Alvydas Vezelis began his medical career in 2004 in Santariskes University Hospital and later moved to the National Cancer Institute of Lithuania. Dr. Vezelis specialises in prostate brachytherapy (radiation therapy for treatment of cancer), prostate cryotherapy (cold therapy for the treatment of cancer) and prostate HistoScanning. He performs urological open and endoscopic operations as well as transperineal prostate biopsies.


Dr. Vezelis’ interests include oncological urology (kidney, bladder, prostate, penis, testis), urinary tract inflammatory diseases (prostatitis, cystitis), erectile dysfunction, kidney stones diagnosis and treatment.


Dr. Vezelis frequently participates in international and regional courses, congresses and conferences, and contributes not only as a participant but also as a speaker.


Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian