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About us in Lithuania

Sandyford Healthcare Medical and Dental was founded by Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center, one of the biggest private medical institutions in Lithuania, and the country’s pioneer and leader in private medicine.


Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center was founded in 1995 following the latest North American and Western European model of private clinics.


The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center provides the widest range of health care services in Lithuania on a private basis – from disease prevention to accurate diagnostics, effective therapeutic or surgical treatment, and high-quality rehabilitation.


Our success in the sphere of treatment is based on accurate diagnosis, which is facilitated through extensive instrumental and laboratory examinations performed by the Center. We regularly invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment and modern technologies, we use medical supplies and pharmaceuticals from the world’s top manufacturers, and we apply the very latest treatment methods.


At the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center we ensure our patients’ safety, confidentiality of information, comfort and closest attention.

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22 years experience spanning 

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48 000 patients annually


200 institutions we cooperate with

The quality and safety of services provided by the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center is acknowledged by the certificates listed below:



In July 2015 the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center was accredited with the US international Joint Commission International (JCI) Hospital standard.


It is one of the highest appreciation, which may be awarded to any health care office on the world-wide scale, so the title of the “Gold Quality Standard” has been nominated to this exceptional award.




In June 2015 the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center became the first health care institution in Baltic States certified according to two international TEMOS (Trust Effective Medicine Optimized Services) standards:
– “Quality in International Patient Care”
– “Excellence in Medical Tourism”




In December 2015 the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center (MDTC) was awarded the United Nations-accredited Diplomatic Council quality certificate and status of preferred partner hospital. This is yet another global stamp of approval that the MDTC provides top-notch medical services to international patients.


The Diplomatic Council is a global non-governmental think tank serving as a bridge between diplomacy, economy and society that brings together more than 5,000 diplomatic and economic experts and public figures.




In 2012 the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center was successfully assessed and accredited under the TA Code of Practice in the field of medical tourism.


Heallth care institutions that have voluntarily implemented this standard are appreciated as rendering high quality service and promoting the development of the best practice in the field of medical tourism.
This is an important factor for international patients when choosing a health care institution.



In 2011 the Laboratory Diagnostic Center was the first in Lithuania to be accredited to international ISO 15189 standard designed expressly for medical laboratories.


This logo indicates that the research was made by an ISO 15189 accredited laboratory. It is an international recognition of research precision and reliability guarantee.