Operations of the clinic are temporarily suspended due to the risks posed by COVID - 19 virus to the health of employees and visitors. The exact date of the clinic resumption will be notified separately.


General Practitioner (GP)

General Practitioner (GP) – provides consultations and conducts examinations to gather the information necessary to make diagnoses.


Sandyford Healthcare provides a highly trained and experienced dentist and oral surgeon. Our clinic provides all dental services, from the usual ones – dental care, dental hygiene – to complex dentures, roving and implantation services for adults.

Specialists consultations

The doctors at Sandyford Healthcare are experts in a wide variety of specialities. Their experience, teamwork and commitment combines with the very latest techniques and technologies. This ensures our clients always receive the highest quality care. Our in-house lab enables us to make fast and accurate decisions on diagnosis and treatment. You’ll get personalised healthcare as we listen carefully to your concerns, take the time to answer your questions, and work with you to tailor a health programme that is right for your needs and your lifestyle. Sandyford Healthcare has these specialists: cardiologist, dentist, oral surgeon, general practitioner (GP), gastroenterologist, obstetrician / gynaecologist, internal medicine physician, physiotherapist, urologist.

Instrumental investigations

The very latest instrumental examinations help the doctors at Sandyford Healthcare make a precise diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment in electrocardiography, colposcopy, ultrasound etc.

Laboratory examinations

All tests are usually conducted within one day.


Physical therapy applies to many diseases, especially back, spine and joint pain, to restore or compensate for mobility, to reduce the possibility of complications, or to maintain overall physical activity. This way of treatment is also advantageous as it always relaxes and comforts the human body and has no negative effect on the internal organs (in opposition to, e.g. tablets).