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Professsional oral hygiene


Brushing teeth is taught from childhood, but it is impossible to clean them perfectly at home. A toothbrush cannot reach all of the grooves and sides of the teeth, and even while flossing, food debris and plaque remain behind.


Dental plaque is spread by bacteria that can cause severe diseases of the mouth, also known as periodontal diseases. Receiving dental minerals along with saliva, plaque calcifies and turns into tartar, which cannot be removed independently at home. The accumulation of tartar may lead to gum inflammation, which can develop into periodontitis. If left untreated, it is possible to lose affected teeth.


In order to avoid these problems, every patient should visit a professional dental hygienist at least once a year. During the oral hygiene procedure, the dentist will professionally clean hard and soft plaque, remove tartar, polish the teeth and, if necessary, arrange the application of mineral and therapeutic materials.


Photo: Dentist Dr. I.Vileikiene (left) with her patient


During procedures of professional oral hygiene, the specialist will determine how well you brush your teeth, what the condition of the tissues surrounding them is and whether they are inflammatory, and will also help to choose the appropriate products for oral hygiene procedures at home. It is worth remembering that often professional oral hygiene procedures are needed before many other interventions: before periodontal operations, tooth whitening, prosthodontics or orthodontic treatment.


Professional oral hygiene procedures performed once or several times a year (depending on the patient’s condition) will help to avoid further problems when a tooth aches, if there is an infection or if a tooth becomes loose.


Dentistry can also help with the prevention and correction of irregularities of the teeth. Dentures are a reliable and effective treatment to restore missing teeth and improve their condition. A specialist is usually needed when the natural tissues of the teeth are severely altered by caries, worn down or damaged by injury or illness, and can no longer be restored using fillings.


At our clinic, dentures are made of special ceramic porcelain that are close to the natural tooth tissue and perfectly resemble the aesthetic properties of the natural smile.



Dental treatment


  • Tooth fillings


Fillings are necessary when a tooth is damaged by caries and a hole appears.


A filling stops the further spread of the bacteria and caries. Often, before the filling, an x-ray photo is needed to accurately detect the damage. Sandyford Healthcare Clinic may, if necessary, make a single-shot X-ray photograph – a dental radiograph (radiogram) or a full-blown x-ray photo (panoramic radiograph).


An aesthetic filling allows damaged teeth and the surrounding areas to restore their image as well as their chewing function, requiring the special diligence and professionalism of a specialist.


An aesthetic filling allows you to change the colour and shape of the teeth, restore dead or chipped teeth, eliminate unwanted gaps between the teeth or hide their curvature.


At Sandyford Healthcare, a dentist can fill 4 to 6 teeth during a single visit. Duration: 4-6 hours (anaesthesia is used).


When properly taken care of, restored teeth last 7-10 years.


  • Surgical dentistry: tooth removal


Sandyford Healthcare’s dentists try wherever possible to keep permanent teeth, but there are occasions when it is necessary to remove a tooth. Permanent teeth may be eliminated because of the following reasons:


– Crooked teeth, when teeth do not match the size of the mouth and are removed for orthodontic treatment
– Infections that cannot be stopped by medicine (antibiotics)
– Risk of infection, due to the patient’s health status or weak immune system, for example after chemotherapy or organ transplantation
– Periodontal diseases that damage the surrounding areas and bones of the tooth, which may cause tooth scroll


Tooth extraction is conducted only with an anaesthetic. Normally takes a few minutes to an hour.


  • Endodontic treatment of canals (root canal treatment)


Endodontic treatment, also known as dental canals, is needed when the soft tissue inside the tooth starts inflammation in the pulp. The most common causes are:


– Untreated, deep caries
– Repeated tooth fillings
– Tooth trauma
– Periodontal diseases


Inflammation of the pulp may lead to swelling, a feeling of pressure at the site of the inflammation, and pain. The first symptoms of pulmonary inflammation are a short, severe pain when using cold or sweet foods or drinks. If these symptoms are experienced, you should hurry to a dentist – the sooner the treatment starts, the more effective the results. When the tooth pulp is destroyed, the toothache can go away but without stopping the infection, which can spread deep into the bone and may become chronic and lead to an even greater risk of infection, weakening of the immune system, periodic pain and swelling.


Dental canals are treated with anaesthetic using a special microscope.


1-2 visits to a doctor may be required for the treatment of one tooth canal.


The duration of the procedure is 30-60 minutes.

Tooth whitening


Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for teeth. Sandyford Healthcare Clinic uses CAVEX’s effective tooth whitening system with trays.


For each patient, individually made trays are filled with a CAVEX gel based on a whitening substance of 16% carbamide peroxide. The patient must wear these trays for 10-14 days, for around 30-60 minutes each day before sleep. Immediately after the whitening procedure, conditioning toothpaste is used to wash the teeth. The conditioning toothpaste prevents tooth sensitivity, improves the condition of the enamel and is pleasant to use.


It is an efficient, safe and comfortable whitening system. If the patient needs to repeat the whitening course, only whitening agents are needed and the same trays are used.


The results of tooth whitening are unpredictable and largely depend on the enamel, the quality of the person’s oral hygiene and their lifestyle. Whiteness is particularly influenced by smoking, coffee, red wine, etc. The consumption of highly coloured foods, the lengthy use of certain drugs and heredity can also affect it.


However, in most cases, according to the doctor’s instructions, whitening results are visible immediately.


Whitening is recommended:


  • after a professional oral hygiene procedure
  • before aesthetic fillings (in order to not differentiate the fillings and the teeth)


Tooth whitening is not recommended:


  • if tooth sensitivity is increased
  • if dental recession is diagnosed
  • if the teeth are affected by caries
  • if the teeth have too many fillings
  • with certain dental diseases (eg., periodontal disease)
  • for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • for people who are allergic to the substances
  • for children under 18


An orthopaedic dentist (prosthetist) restores missing teeth and improves their condition using reliable and effective treatments. Usually, the orthopaedicdentist protects the teeth when they have severe damage from caries or are worn or damaged by trauma or disease and cannot be restored using fillings.


The clinic for dental prostheses uses special ceramic masses that are close to the healthy tooth tissue and physical and aesthetic properties. Dental prosthetics are performed using modern technology and anaesthesia.


You can apply for an orthopaedic dentist for:


  • prosthetics
  • aesthetic prosthetics
  • direct clearance or indirect prosthetic repair of the lining height
  • prosthetics on implants
  • tooth extraction


During the initial examinations and consultations, the orthopaedic dentist will offer all possible solutions to your problems and explain their strengths and weaknesses. After choosing the right method, the orthopaedist will make a prosthesis quickly and with perfect quality.