Operations of the clinic are temporarily suspended due to the risks posed by COVID - 19 virus to the health of employees and visitors. The exact date of the clinic resumption will be notified separately.

Obstetrician / Gynaecologist

Specialises in women’s health and is devoted to practicing excellence in women’s care of all ages. Our specialist investigates, diagnoses and treats gynaecological and sexually transmitted diseases. Contraception and infertility counselling, diagnosing early pregnancy, as well as providing the highest quality pregnancy care.


Refer to the obstetrician/gynaecologist for:


  • Gynaecological disorders (endometriosis, uterine myoma, ovarian cysts, menstrual disorders, etc.) diagnosis and treatment
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, etc.) diagnosis and treatment
  • Early pregnancy diagnosis, localisation of pregnancy, pregnancy care
  • Introduction of intrauterine contraception
  • Unexplained pain in abdominal area diagnosis and treatment
  • Unexplained bleeding diagnosis and treatment


Refer to obstetrician/gynaecologist if:


  • You need contraception and infertility counselling


The obstetrician/gynaecologist also performs non-invasive prenatal testing including:


  • Detailed anatomic examination of the foetus using ultrasound
  • First trimester genetic screening using ultrasound and, if needed, maternal blood biochemical markers.


Prof. dr. L.Rovas