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Dental implant only €690

Special offer!

Dental implant (without a crown) only €690 Sign up for a consultation.

*the price does not include the crown


Offer expires on 28th of February 2020.


At Sandyford Healthcare Clinic, we have a special price for MegaGen dental implants.


MegaGen is a high-quality tooth implant made from pure titanium. The most durable in its class, it has been on the market for over 15 years.




  • 99% of patients confirm that the implantation procedure with MegaGen is painless
  • With MegaGen, an entire procedure can be performed during one visit – remove the unprotected tooth, tilt the implant and attach the temporary crown
  • There are no fakes – MegaGen is a unique design, which has not yet been replicated by any implant-producing company
  • Lower price than, for example, Straumann implants
  • Lifetime warranty. Implant Passport issued.


Doctors working with MegaGen implants gain additional skills from the manufacturer:


  • Solve complicated clinical treatments with assistance from the world’s leading dental experts
  • Improve practical skills at the Centre for Training and Research at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • Study regularly at the DBI training base in Lithuania
  • Use digital implant services – to offer patients high-quality dentures and a good price.


The duration of the implant procedure is up to 1 hour.

The procedure is performed with local anaesthetic.

Sandyford Healthcare Clinic provides dental implant services by oral surgeon

Lior Nachmaney.


All oral surgery services


What do I need to know about implants?


  • The number of dental implants installed during a single visit is unlimited, but most commonly one implant is made
  • An implant procedure has less chance of injury than tooth extraction. After the procedure you can feel similar sensations as after tooth extraction and your doctor will advise you on any anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs you may need
  • After the procedure, a certificate for time off work can be given in accordance with the patient’s needs but is not necessary
  • The whole process of dental implantation (implant insertion, acupuncture (‘osseointegration’) and tooth prosthesis) usually takes 3 to 6 months
  • There is no age limit for the dental implantation procedure, but in each case the doctor will evaluate your health individually.