Operations of the clinic are temporarily suspended due to the risks posed by COVID - 19 virus to the health of employees and visitors. The exact date of the clinic resumption will be notified separately.

Internal medicine physician GP

Sandyford medical centre internal medicine physician

Dr. Lina Bukauskaite


Dr. Lina Bukauskaite is a graduate of the Internal Medicine Programme (2003) and of Haematology (2005) from Vilnius University, Lithuania. Since 2005 Dr. Bukauskaite has been practicing Internal Medicine in one of the largest Lithuanian University hospitals and private outpatient clinics in Vilnius.
Dr. Bukauskaite specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of acute infections, anaemia and cardiovascular diseases (arrhythmias, valve pathologies and other heart diseases). In Sandyford Healthcare Dr. Bukauskaite also practices as a General Practicioner (GP).


Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian.